[art post] Vesper [illustration]

This is unicornbar's ( ) lovely character Vesper, whom she asked me to draw on the seaside with a general yellow and blue color scheme. I understand the character is supposed to be partly (or entirely?) a (literal) dragon -- so she is or can be a dangerous person. Hence the scary eagle in front. I was just gonna put a couple of swans in the foreground, because I'm a boring person, but then the client suggested an eagle instead, that being more suitable to who the character is, and the end result was much more interesting.

The eagle is some sort of sea eagle ( ) -- probably one of these ( ), though it's verging on the size of one of these ( ). My understanding is that fish eagles/sea eagles sometimes eat water birds as well as fish, so... that poor little ibis in the right corner is maybe gonna get eaten.

The beach is based on this one ( ), and the background and colors owe quite a lot to that specific photograph, as you see.

And I suspect that these scarlet ibis ( ), and that sea eagle would not really be found in the same place at the same time IRL -- but since this is a fantasy setting, I just chose birds and locations for shape and color; I did not check to see what parts of the world they come from.

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[art post] have i mentioned i've been thinking about robots lately [original]

I had wanted to finish this drawing for the most recent f/f special on SSBB (you should check that issue out here btw: ) but I didn't wind up getting in done in time. I did want to finish it, though, so here it is.

These characters are a couple of ladies (or one lady and her robot/supercomputer/AI) who I plan to do more with in the future, though I haven't yet settled finally on their names. And I want to mess with the robot's design some more, though I'm not wholly displeased with it as it is (some sort of Jugendstil Maria ( ) in a La Piel que Habito suit ( ))

I continue to be all about the scientist characters. When I have time again, I want to draw her in more everyday clothes -- for this picture, though, I decided I wanted to draw her in something like those bunny suits for handling delicate electronics ( ) ... I dunno if they make them in periwinkle blue, but they should.

The scene owes something to this one: ( ) Although in this instance it's more, ah, consensual on the part of the AI, who has also presumably not gone on any murderous rampages recently. (and presumably not aimed at permanently deactivating anybody, or anything terrible like that -- of course, even HAL was only unplugged/disassembled, not destroyed)

The robot's brain I just modeled on Celosia ( ) (and the pattern inside her skull I modeled on brain coral ( )), seeing as how it's not a flesh and blood brain and therefore it doesn't have to look exactly like one. And I doubt that organizing a computer like a bundle of flower petals would be efficient or even work, but for the purposes of this drawing I do not care. :)

The building is slightly like this one, or at least this space is vaguely based on one of the spaces in here: ( ) There are a lot of labs being built out in the middle of beautiful forests these days, it seems. Or there are, judging by the design magazines I look at.

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Evariste, Sylvia, and Maria [illustration]

(This is a pretty damn large picture -- it started out relatively small, but the background kept expanding.)

These are Crysomandiaz's ( ) characters Evariste, Sylvia, and Maria (in order from left to right). They live in a post apocalyptic world which is similar to the present day Mediterranean, as I understand, so I had a lot of fun looking up appropriate plants and architecture.

The town in the background is pretty much a chunk lifted out of the real life town of Manarola ( ) -- and so I take no credit for the design of the town, though I did construct this perspective myself, using a rough plan of the buildings traced off satellite images of the area from Google Maps, and eyeballed elevations of the individual buildings from photographs.

The clothes are a bit of a hodgepodge of eras and styles; I was going for neo-Medieval (as with Evariste's clothes), but then I really wanted to put Maria in some sort of bolero jacket ( similar to this, in this case: ), so I figured in the end that folks in a post-apocalyptic (or indeed in any) future would have access to designs from any and all eras preceding their own.

The boats in the foreground are a couple of Melonseeds ( ) (something like these ( ) might have been nice also, but they were too large for my purposes) which I modeled and projected into the appropriate perspective in Rhino; I then popped them on top of the perspective drawing I'd already done of the town in Photoshop (I'll post a WIP of this little monster on my Tumblr later today :D).

The starfish is one of these guys: ( ) (I admit to choosing it for color and shape; I don't know what part of the world they live in; in a post-apocalypse type situation, though, I figure you can be a bit fast and loose with stuff like that) and you should not of course pick up starfish off the rocks you find them on, because you will hurt their little feet (not the arms, but the feet inside the arms). I'm assuming either that this guy was already floating free, or that Maria... coaxed it onto her hand? Can you do that? I don't know. Anyhow, the starfish is fine.

The foreground plants are yucca, which I was intrigued to find are now naturalized in Italy (although they aren't native to that area). (I understand the internet's been interested in color lately: so, for anyone interested, the yucca in the foreground are white and green. Any other color you think you see is entirely a product of your own imagination.)

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[art post] Latest issue of SSBB is out

Hey, so the last SSBB issue of the year is out now ( ) , and you should check it out. And I contributed this standalone piece of drawn porn: ( ) . (sometimes you just want to draw a stock 1950s character robber and a stock 1950s character bank manager having sex in a bank vault. Especially after watching a lot of Hitchcock Presents episodes, Twilight Zone episodes, and obscure yet awesome early 60s Hammer films)

Season [illustration]

Here's a drawing of uyudong's ( ) lovely character Season, feeding chipmunks. (when I was little, I was told that the trick was to lay a trail of seeds from the chipmunk burrow and then lay a distance away with a handful of seed and wait for the chipmunks to emerge and follow the trail to your hand -- this may or may not be a real chipmunk-taming method that works, or it may just be something older people tell children to get them to spend long periods of time being quiet; it's a nice idea anyhow)

Also there are budgies.

Flowers/trees/hair ornaments:

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[art post] a short original comic

I drew this short comic for Mobsters and Monsters, an online zine, last year -- I asked and they said I could post it online now. :) You should check out the other comics in the book, btw ( ) -- they're much cooler than mine. Since this was my first ever attempt at a comic rather than a one off drawing I had to make it quite short, too. But I really appreciated being included -- it was a fun project.
Ah, actually telling a story in pictures is terribly hard. Even when it's a real simple one. (Mad scientist ladies duke it out with wind turbine monsters, because I love both mad scientist ladies and wind turbines)

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And there you are.

I kinda want to play around with these characters again some time. (*pretty* sure everyone survived and no one was actually eaten?) Maybe some time in the future when I suddenly become able to draw at lightning speed (that happens to everyone eventually, right? Sure, it does.)

[fanart] Some shippy Vento Aureo fanart

Ah, this was fun. :D Some shippy Jojo's Bizarre Adventure #5 (Vento Aureo) fanart (Bruno/Giorno), for gyolove, who draws gorgeous Jojo fanart that y'all should check out, even if you're not familiar with the series in fact, and loves this pair.

Kisses somewhere between the cheek and corner of the mouth + accidentally turning your kissing friend's shirt into a flowering vine, because Giorno's stand powers are delightful. (although you probably would want to treat that little vine very gingerly and not, uh, inadvertently squash any part of it)

(If you want to know what the flowers/trees are:


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[art post] SSBB Yes, And special #2 out!

Hey, the latest SSBB issue is out! ( ) I illustrated a neat story about 18th c French court ladies in love ( ) . And you should get over there and read the story.

(I was going for one of these "casual" ladies' muslin dresses from the time; I had to make it a bit more colorful, but otherwise, it's somewhere between this ( ) and this ( ) Also, roses from the void, because ( ) )